Cecilia Del Toro es una brillante pintora de este tiempo.  

Dr. Cecilia Del Toro is an international recognized artist who is an American citizen born in Colombia. She was a U.S.A. and Colombia Art Representative in the Biennale International of Contemporary Arts in Florence, Italy and Izmir, Turkey. In addition, Cecilia Del Toro has exhibited and continues to exhibit her artwork in Art Museums and Galleries around the world. Some of her paintings are part of the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art Permanent Collection. Dr. Del Toro's artwork has been published in numerous art books, catalogs, and magazines worldwide.

She is a very versatile artist who masters oil painting, jewelry and metals, pen and ink, glass, ceramic and porcelain painting. It was her love for music, dance, poetry and nature that eventually prevailed and led her to devote her full time to the Arts.


Versatility and creativity are the foundations of her artwork. Dr. Del Toro's paintings display artistic originality and scientific precision. As an accomplished general doctor and surgeon in her native Colombia, Cecilia published books and gave seminars about Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). Now, she uses the same skill and passion in her artwork. Cecilia began her formal art training as a porcelain painter in Hamburg, Germany in 2000. In 2003, Cecilia moved to Rockville, Maryland, where she received an AA in Arts and Sciences and certified jewelry and metal smith at Montgomery College. As a student at M.C., she was honored with several awards for her artistic work, with particular emphasis in the areas of painting and jewelry. 


A key feature in Dr. Del Toro's work is her use of sunlight and color, which she regards as "perhaps the main characteristic of her artwork."  "Light and color are particularly important to me," explains Cecilia, "because they reflect my inner self, along with my intense love for Nature and all its creatures". 


Cecilia enjoys 'naturalism' and 'sensuality,' and she loves to paint faces. Among the Old Masters, she is a fervent admirer of Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. She also holds great admiration for the Impressionists, in particular for the lives and work of Renoir and Monet -- even though she admits to prefer to integrate a marked sense of spirituality in her own work. 


Cecilia likes to explain that her love for Art started at the moment she was born. "Art comes from my ancestors; it is in my genes," she says. Cecilia was born in Plato, Department of the Magdalena, in Colombia, a place known as the "Crocodile Man City" -- a prosperous city with a rich and intense folklore and active cultural life. As a young adolescent, Cecilia moved from her provincial Plato to the more cosmopolitan city of Barranquilla, where she came to know, and to love, its famous "Carnival" -- a popular festival of colors and rhythm. Soon she was at home in the richer cultural environment, enjoying not only the sunny and colorful tones of the Caribbean islands she often portrays in her work, but also the local tropical rhythms, particularly Salsa and Cuban music, to which she loves to dance to this day. Actually, she is a current resident of the sunshine state of Florida.



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