The Wedding Kiss




Loving Soul


Happiness Buddha



Connection with Gaia



Shepherd with Heart




Madame La Rouge



Radiant Face






Reflecting the Light




Woman Wearing A Flower Head Ornament




Michelle's Past Life




Looking Up




Elegant Lady

on the Ocean




Two Generations


Cecilia del Toro after Claude Monet, Madame Monet and her son


Inner Self-Portrait




Watchful Moon



Miss Spring




Autumn's Face



Winter Man



Underwater Garden




Getting the Cosmic Vision



Galactic Rams




United Powers


The Tree's Face


The Fruits of the Mind







UFO sighting over ocean



Tunnel of Color








Anatomy of Self Healing


The Line Between Life and Death




Eye Space







Look Inside My Heart


A Cat with Angel



In Unity with the Sea




Birds of Paradise



Flowers in the Afternoon


Flowers to Dave's Guardian Angel




Flowers to my Guardian Angel



Flowers for the Ocean Queen




Flowing Passion









Raining Flowers







Strong Tree



An Aerial Perspective


Relaxing Landscape


The House on the Beach




Grapes on the Farm



A Honeymoon Place



Playing Football


Undefined Landscape



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