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Cecilia Del Toro exhibited her artwork Connection with Gaia at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art on Saturday, March 10, 2012.



Cecilia Del Toro was appointed Guest Artist at the International Izmir Art Biennial in Turkey representing USA at Stand 102, Hall 3 from May 4 - 11th, 2011. The works showed were Loving Soul, Radiant Face, and Thinking.

Message from Biennial General Director and Curator, Seba Ugurtan:

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Guest Artist Cecilia Del Toro at the International Izmir Art Biennial from May 4 -11, 2011


Marc Chagall once said that, “Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music; everything is vibration.”  In the same vein, Contemporary Colombian and American artist Cecilia Del Toro paints luminous, kaleidoscopic paintings often showing women in contemplative states.  Her paintings command attention through their exuberant use of color and light while the alluring eyes of her subjects engage and entrance the viewer. Ms. Del Toro’s images are both visually enchanting and intriguingly cerebral.  This dazzling juxtaposition allows for the viewer to be lulled into a metaphysical state.


The vibrant colors and stylized quality of Ms. Del Toro’s artworks place her work in the canon of Pop Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol; however, the underlying tone of magical happenings in her work suggests the possible influence of surreal and fantasy painters such as Marc Chagall.  Ms. Del Toro paints in a symbolic manner particularly through focusing on elements of a face which is linked to emotions, such as a pair of soulful eyes or vibrant lips, rather than executing an exact likeness.  Intense light floods each painting from an undefined source, giving the subject a heavenly illumination. Ms. Del Toro’s signature use of ruby red lips in her portraiture lends her artwork a seductive air.  The bright red pouts seem to pop-off the canvas as though ready to kiss the spectator. The startling red lips are contrasted with the predominantly used dreamy pastel color palette of hues such as soft violet, powder pink and cool cobalt.  Apart from portraiture, Ms. Del Toro paints brilliant surreal canvases which portray her emotions to the viewer, as seen with her depiction of a halved human heart expelling a flurry of musical notes.  The vivid color and light communicate to the viewer the intense emotion that Ms. Del Toro channels into her artwork.  A manifestation of enormous love she feels for all the creatures of the world, Ms. Del Toro’s artwork embraces the soul and captivates the heart of each viewer.


A current resident of the state of Florida, Cecilia Del Toro was a general practitioner and surgeon in her native country of Colombia before focusing on her artwork.  Ms. Del Toro has received several awards for her painting.  Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is delighted to showcase her art.

- Ruthie Tucker, Art Curator 












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